Social Media

This is every businesses secret weapon, you can use social media to boost your brand, engage with customer and even get more customers…. lots more. Social media makes it easier for business such as yours to target the people who really need your products and services.

Why does my business need Social Media?

1. Having additional social sites will help your SEO rankings in Google/web searches.
2. Your brand will gain credibility and awareness.
3. It will allow your current and future customers to connect with you on a more personal and relatable level.
4. Opens your services to the entire online market, and therefore generate leads.
5. Being present on relevant social platforms will give you the next level of customer service.
6. The more your customers like you and engage with you, the more they will buy from you.
7. Bridge the gap between risk and reward.

The team at MarketingX can help your business take full advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to grow your business.
We will, write up new posts, post related photos to engage with your fan base, manage your online community, grow your presence, post articles and share videos to ultimately bring you more page likes, shares, video views, retweets, clicks to website, comments, more competition entries and more customers.

How will MarketingX go about social media for your business?

Yourself and a selected staff member will have a coffee together to talk about your business, we’ll get the information needed to go back and analyse your social media presence, your competitors social media presence and we’ll create new strategies and plans to make you a social media powerhouse

1. Initial meeting
2. In depth analysis
3. Meet up again and share information collected
4. Create a custom and unique social media marketing plan for you
5. Implementation period Management

Many successful business have agreed that social media is the cheapest and most effective way of reaching more consumers, the new York times best-selling author and Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck has achieved lots of success by taking full advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – we want to help you become the next big social media hit.
Our plans can and will help your social media platforms grow, even if you don’t currently have one – don’t worry, we’ll build you a fantastic page to really get you moving into the direction you want to go.


Contact us and to arrange a free custom marketing plan that will help your business grow
P.S – your first free consultation is also a sales free consultation, unlike everyone else, we will not pitch you anything at the end of our first initial meeting – we are genuinely here to help you.

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